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Thank you for your interest in joining our 2017 CSA Harvest Box Program.

Its more than just Vegetables!

  • Reconnecting to the land where your local produce is grown. Build a relationship once again. Who is your farmer?
  • We use organic sustainable farming methods to nurture the earth.
  • You are helping create a stronger food security system.

By supporting Ossome Acres you may experience the following;

  • Creativity in the kitchen with vibrant colour and unique varieties. (purple carrots!)
  • In Season, fresh, flavorfull, vine ripended vegetables.
  • Save money by having less waste; our produce is picked within 12 - 48 hrs prior to pick-up.
  • A healthier lifestyle from consuming nutritious produce.


Our Season is 7 Months (30 weeks) and starts on the second week in May till the last week in November.

Our vegetable production runs on a bell curve which means during the peak of season there is more variety and abundance. Members will receive a larger quantity of produce during that time.

  • July, August and September will be valued at $25 each week.
  • May, June, October and November will be valued at $20 each week.

We Deliver to your door in the Chilliwack Area and have pick up available at the New West Farmer's Market. and a Riley park (West Vancouver)

Program length may vary for members picking up at the Farmers Markets

  • Royal City 20 weeks
  • Riley park 16 weeks

*Market bag purchase option - details yet to be determined*

Our Harvest box has two delivery options weekly or biweekly. A weekly box is suitable for a family or a couple. A bi-weekly box is great for seniors or a single person. All is relative to the amount of vegetables consumed.

Communication throughout the season with CSA members will be through our email newsletter. We will post recipes and tips on how to store and prepare the wide range of vegetables you will receive along with photos, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events: such as our annual CSA Social and tour.

Your spot will be reserved once the online application has been received. Once Ossome Acres receives a deposit of $50 your application will be finalized. Deposit will go towards the total amount due. (Deposit is non-refundable)


Once deposit is recieved you may choose to pay for the season all up front or make monthly paymentS.

Payment is due one month prior to the start of the season start date. April 1st, 2017 Pre-authorized payments will start one month prior to the start of the season and continue monthly till October 2017.

Space is limited, and is on a first come first serve basis. If all available space is filled you will be put on a waitlist and will be contacted if space becomes available.

Please feel free to contact us at 604-807-0753 or email us at if you have any questions.


Complete the CSA 2017 Harvest Box Registration Form below and submit it.

We will contact you via email within 24 hours to confirm that we have received the electronic registration along with details about your chosen payment and what the next step is.

Payment dates:

$50 deposit is required to hold your spot on the program and is due with application.

First payment deadline: April 1st, 2017 (April 25th for New west & Riley park pick up)

CSA 2017 Harvest Box Registration Form

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30 boxes $660 15 boxes $330
Delivery (Chilliwack only) $30 Delivery (Chilliwack only) $15

Administration Fee

$30 Administration Fee $30

Bin Deposit
/Reusable market bag purchase*


Bin Deposit
/Reusable market bag purchase*

Total amount due
$740 Total amount due

Harvest Box Add-ons: Eggs ($7/ dozen) Bunched Greens ($5.00 for 2) Kale, Chard, Collards, Spinach, etc.

(please select how you want to pay):

Cash Cheque Gift Certtificate
e-Transfer Pre-authorized Monthly Payment
Debit Credit Card

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