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"Ossome Acres is awesome! They are reliable in delivering the healthiest and best quality, fresh vegetables. I love going to the farmer's market to meet their smiling faces. Thanks so much."

Sherri Dyck

"Initially, we were both drawn to the loving care, attention and commitment that Aaron and Noella share for their vegetables, and their customers. No matter which product they created, it is organic and luscious. We have been drawn back as often as possible for the produce. The Kale in particular is outstanding! Thank you for your service."

Dale & Holly

"I am looking forward to this years harvest from Ossome Acres! The have the best vegetables; not only tasting very good but stay fresh so much longer after you get them. Noella and Aaron work very hard to make sure they provide only the very best for their customers and I love the variety of their produce!"

Lynn Gibson

"I want more people to see the benefits of supporting local organic farmers like Aaron and Noella Oss. They offer unique varieties of fresh veggies grown on farmland within Chilliwack, BC. The taste is worth every penny!"

Sherri Sladek

"I love the colourful and tender produce from Ossome Acres! I've had the privilege of knowing Aaron and Noella over the years and I really admire their complementary strengths in this venture. I'm amazed by all the research and planning that go into the set up and planting plus all the sweat that goes into the nurturing and harvesting of the produce. Colourful veggies are a lot more fun to eat for my 3-year-old and I love love love their sweet and tender kale! I highly recommend Ossome Acres to anyone who values quality and yummy goodness. Enjoy!"

Yvonne Yua

"I have bought vegetables from Ossome Acres for a number of years now and the quality and freshness of their product is amazing! The taste of the fresh grown vegetables are so much better when they are grown in our own neighbourhood and with love. I don't know what they do but the color is so vibrant which makes them taste divine! Thank you for doing such a great job!!"

Teresa DeGroot

"We love Ossome Acres. They have supplied us with the best kale we have ever had. We used it in all our Dutch dishes and have even made Kale chips, which our kids just love! We highly recommend their very high quality organic veggies. We are looking forward to your new crop in 2012!"

Lisa Hill

"I never appreciated vegetables until meeting Aaron and Noella. I'd usually avoid salads and order fries when eating out, eating lots of meat and avoiding veggies. This kind and hardworking couple showed me the benefits of healthier eating that I had put off for so many years. I love their kale and garlic especially and am eager to try more of their produce this year."

Justin Yap